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*New Age of SHAIYA RAVEN* Officialy EP 6.4 PvP Base !!!
We have put in ALOT of time and effort in this project, we are coming to you with some awesome features and changes!

Old Client will not WORK

1-End Game Armor, Weapon, Accessories, Cape and all LAPISES- Free in Item Mall

2-Fixed Ep6- Skills– NO delay, no Bugs

3-Orange Stat System- Normal Recreation Rune, and Specific Stat Max Reroll Directly from Black-Smith with Un-wanted Orange Stat remove Rune.

4-Enchanting– Free from lv1 -Lv15, After Lv15 Hot Time Lapis for Each +1 Level

5-Costumized Maps, Un-Seen AH, DD1, DD2, Jungle, and Kanos.

6- 32x Cute Pets, 60x Awesome Costume, 4x Wings.

7-Farming DP directly from Mobs

8-Bosses System – Kill 1 other Spawn

9-Ultimate, Unseen 7x NEW Mounts

10-Awesome PvP kills Rewards System with Voting System for DP!

We hope you Like and Enjoy our Changes

Tired Spender WINNERS

First of all i need to Thank you for this Huge Participation. We will get this Tired Spender Again SOOON, with better Rewards.

Secound, The listed Players have been disqualified from this Event, because they have Buyed the 1 000 dp from Item Mall, Npc it got again DP buy again dp from Item Mall with the ideea to spend “the DP and win”

Rulles ware simply Spend your DP, do not buy 1 000 DP over and over



Our Winners must MEET and GM or ADM in Game and ask for theri chosed Recreation Rune

SO Here is our Winners!

Top 1 -5 5X Stat recreation rune
Sparrow 269125
T-KILLA 265734
Pr0phet 220000
Paradise 207941
TOP 6-11 3X Stat recreation rune
BRB 203604
Akikiki 153006
Gandooo123 123990
UbbeRLotbrocK 98318
Terry 86372
Squishy 79470
TOP 12-20 2X Stat recreation rune
[MassTerr]Drops 76874
Duckie 71792
Cray 71465
Criminal 64542
Dyzul 61390
Bazyl 56518
Zodiac 56392
iSpank 55496
Bonita 55073
TOP 20-30 1X Stat recreation rune
Hanna 54581
Davina 53549
[Tormuz] 51556
Bolo 49177
Micka 48367
Ermagerd 44784
Dantax 42184
Eir 39998
IMBA 32371
xDe3i 32200


Maintenace and Promotion

Hello Everyone

We are doing our Weekly Server Maintenace


–Donate for any offer get Stat Recreation Rune

2.Top Spender DP -In Game –Time START –After Maint 19.01.2018- END 21.01.2018


–Rapid Shot — will hit with 3x Arrow

— Emelental Shock– Cast time reduced

— Slayer — Will be AoE Skill at 5 Meters

–Vitality /STR/DEX/REC/INT/WIS/LUC– will give you at lv3 +50 on specific Stat ( Description still say gives HP but gives you the specific Stat )

–Rized Deffence by 100 for FREE Armor and Pants for all Classes

–Changed Icon for Our Lv 79 Accessories

-Fixed The lv 79 Loops to give 30 on stat instant of 25

We Hope you enjoy this

P.S we will start an recruitiment system in about 2 days


Server Updates

Hello Everyone

Today we are comeing with some Updates to our Server

1-Stat Recreation Rune

-After talking with several players we took the decision to add Max Stat recreation rune
This rune can be Optain only by 3x Bosses that you can finde in Kanos Map Near Altar every 3 Hours
This bosses drop 2x Stat recreation rune each 3 Hours
They wont be an Donation Point Item! They will remain perma as Boss Hunt!

2- Changed Complecte the farming System
-All Mobs will drop Only 2018 Bag, Recreation Rune, Lapisia, Fortune Coin, Enchat Materials
You can check Drop List HERE

3- We added Towers on each Base from PR/VR, Theodoris and Kanos,

Players who will get reported from now for Base Killing They will be Punshed with 12 Hours Ban

4-Bosses have been Changed and Updated.

From now we will have only

Kanos Bosses, Kimmu, SC, Dios , with an awesome Upgraded Drop CHECK HERE

5. We also added on PvP Rewards

-600 000      PvP kills 200 000 DP + 100 USD
-1 000 000- PvP kills 450 000 DP +150 USD

NOTE — Money will be send by PayPal, or Wersten Union, if Player can’t recive the Money by this 2 Services, we will give him DP as an Normal donation

Stat padders will be Punished by getting all Kills Removed to 0


We hope you enjoy this Maintenace!!!


Server Issues

Server is haveing an DDoS attack and our Company Aka contabo is working hard to mitigate this attacks and give us the services back

Please be patience this problems needs to be solved so there wont be any futures attacks to ur comunity


Thank You

Winners of Top Voting

B. Voteing Event — start Date 31.12.2017 END Date 07.01.2018
Top 15 get:
-1-5: 30k DP + 2x new lapis
-6-10: 25k dp + 1x New lapis
-11-15: 20k dp

Sylanna 7
Smuggler 7
xDe3i 7
Creep 7
Juggzy 7
TOP 5-10
Sadie 6
[Grand]Wiz 6
Underdog 6
[Mighty]Cray 5
Minist 5
TOP 10-15
Cici 5
Vodka 5
[MassTerr]Drops 4
Warlordy 4
[VIP]Lushen 4


Server Maintenance

Hello Raven.

Our Server Maintance have come with some features.

1-We changed the Website
2- We made all Donaton Weapons have Same attack power- Example 2H Wep gives same attack as Spear.
3-Polar Storm Skill rechage time rized at 500 sec
4-Lowerd Etin Gold Price
5-Added in Item Mall also Stacks of 200 recreation rune and Target Rezz Rune
6-We added PvP kill Rewards– From now you will be rewarded with Donation points for your pvp rank
–Check PvP Rewars—
7-added Dual Weapons for Warrior and Hunter
8-Ancient Hymm fixed to 600 sec

Feautres Mainteance this Month

a.New System of Bosses and Mini Bosses
b-Rapid Shot- AoE
c-Full drop System changed –new concept of Farming

We hope you enjoy this maintenace!!

Tried Spender Event

Hello Everyone,

Item Mall Tired Spender.

Top 1-3 — All Your DP Spended will be Refunded 
Top 4-11 — Get 50% of your DP Spended will be Refunded 
Top 12-20 –10x Lapises of Choise, and 1x Costume of Choise

Sorry for the delay but we have been forced to calculate aloots of dp

Our Winners from Tired Spender Event must Meet an GM/ADM in game and Claim theri Prizes,

They are

Top 1-3 

Player Name Point Spend
Lucky 603392
[PROF].T. 351709
Wings 319115

Top 4-11

Player Name Point Spend
Pain 205975
GABI 166864
[DemiGod]Redd 161872
Tair 150758
Bee 115289
Crow 112035
R3kT 109577
Rhenium 101477

Top 12-20

Player Name Point Spend
ZuZu 96541
Riv 94069
Mysteryo 91374
West 90355
Arllis 82658
Kip 80812
xDe3i 77147
BlueEyes 74560
Juggzy 74165

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