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Terms of Service


  1. Excessive use of bad language or personal insults must be stopped by the offending player when asked. This applies only if the request is by the player who feels insulted or a staff member , even if staff is on an untagged toon. Further use of bad language or personal insults will be considered a rules violation and subject to one or more of the following : silenced , being kicked from game , jailed , given an official warning or a ban.
  2. Harassment is not allowed (this includes spamming them for trades, begging, insulting, bashing, also see rule 1)(Harassment is defined as a continuous or repetitive action , not a one time comment .)
  3. Continuous arguing , constant ridiculing personal flaws or disrespecting Staff is not allowed . (Staff can vote to ban a player for disrespect without the benefit of a warning, if the severity merits it.)
  4. Spawn Killing is not allowed, this includes killing anyone inside opposing factions Castle (see definition below)
  5. Killing players within the safety of their Veil is not allowed. Also, using known places around the veil to exploit to attack , while you in turn, cannot be attacked , is against the rules.
  6. Kill Stealing is not allowed (attacking mobs that another player has agro’d) (this rule does not apply in PVP zones )
  7. When doing boss raids, only 1 toon per person (NO DUALBOXING).
  8. Hacking, scamming, password stealing, or any unauthorized access into other people’s accounts not allowed.
  9. Advertising of other servers or buying, selling, trading of accounts on any server, not allowed
  10. The use of any exploit or hack is not allowed. This includes all known and unknown techniques, skill cutting methods or knowingly using the walk backwards technique is considered an exploit.
  11. Stat padding – for example : Allowing lower lvl characters in the raid that cannot compete or contribute on the same lvl or – one player having 2 characters in the same pvp raid , with both getting credit for kills. Having farmers or pvper’s who are in another map farming or pvping is allowed as they are not receiving credit for the kills.
  12. Having a toon from both factions in pvp at the same time is NOT allowed.
  13. No guild raids allowed during bosses!
  14. No closed raids, raids must be open at all times.
  15. Please use English in TC. If you need to ask for assistance in your language as soon as you get a reply go to pm’s.
  16. Going into other factions castle is prohibited . Killing opposing players in their own castle is not allowed either.
  17. Killing in any safe zone and/or past guards on any map is forbidden. Using foxing , degeneration, etc , to get past any guards to kill players is not allowed.
  18. Unless permitted by staff , making additional raids during events is not allowed.
  19. Having a character logged in on both factions at the same time in pvp raids , MM’s , or farm raids is not allowed.
  20. Exploiting GRB will result in bans or Guild Disbandment by Admin after being warned.
  21. A person can’t use multiple toons in a pvp area to gain an advantage.
  22. Players are not allowed to have names that are offensive, racist, impersonates staff or in anyway misrepresent staff (example: IGSI before your name), this also includes using the name of any of the staff member’s. These names will be Gennamed without warning to the player’s.
  23. Auto-Botting is not allowed if caught using any type of Bot your inventory will be cleared and u will receive an auto 1 day ban.